Eat More, Drink More, Enjoy The Rivalry

by Savannah Sheehan

Tucker Dukes is bringing the heat this summer with the Summer Brew Master Beer Dinner Series—sounds like a mouthful, which it is, but not figuratively.

Wednesday June 28th marks the date for the first of this years’ Summer Brew Master Series beer pairing event. A total of 4 dinners with Tucker Duke’s own Chef Brian Cartenuto and M.E.A.T Eatery’s Chef George Patti consummate this event as the Chef Battles Edition of Brew Master. 

Tailgating this shindig, Coppertail Brewing is serving 4 contrasting brews to couple with 4 different dishes from each Chef. A total of 8 plates will be served. This dining adventure places the power in the people. Two incredible Chefs go head to head dishing out 4 uniquely created dishes and let the crowd decide the winner.

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