My name is Carly Cristello of Snappin Necks Photography. I am originally from Philadelphia and have been living in South Florida for the last six years. I have been a photographer for three years, specializing in concert photography. I love the energy of the crowds and musicians, which I hope people can feel when they see my art. I’ve made so many great friends through my photography, and feel fortunate to call my favorite band, Slightly Stoopid, their crew and management, friends! This photo was shot at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA during Slightly Stoopid’s “Just Passing Through” Tour this past November. Over the past five years I’ve attended and shot more than 30 of their concerts around the United States. The band is extremely supportive and encouraging of my photography journey, and has always allowed me all access. That’s how I was able to achieve this shot.

I was on side stage when their set ended. As the crowd was cheering for an encore, Kyle, one of the two lead singers, walked out with his guitar while the Tabernacle’s lights were still off. That’s when their trombone player held up his phone with the flashlight on, signaling the crowd to do the same. Facing forward, I saw the magic of the crowd coming together and sharing in this moment. That’s when I carefully crept in front of the percussion equipment and drum set. Wearing all black, like a ninja, I placed myself right behind Kyle. Not wanting to be seen, I quickly hit the shutter button and scurried back to the side stage. My settings were set to ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/200 second shutter speed with a 16mm focal length. Kyle was playing “Closer to the Sun,” which happens to be my favorite song. There’s nothing more compelling than the experience of live music bringing people together.


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