Album Review – Stop The Presses

Stop The Presses- Eskandalo

Stop the Presses- Eskandalo

by Dana Krangel

Who knew that Hialeah, FL could produce such tasty ska tunes? Homegrown four-piece band Stop the Presses show big SoFla pride on Eskandalo, their skank-alicious new 7-song EP that was recorded and pressed in their hometown. While lead singer Ali Culotta’s vocals take you back to the days of old school No Doubt, the fat bass lines and mini-improv sessions turn this record into a ska-meets-jam fusion that’s prime for a live show. Songs like Daddy Issues Vol II / Bird or Plane see the Presses take the basic ska song formula and expand it into a head-bopping, jammy good time. Pop-punk fans will take a liking to quasi-ballad New Years where guitarist Danny Portilla switches it up and takes lead vocals. Although they love scurrying all over South Florida, these touring machines have hit everywhere from Atlanta to Austin in their trusty band RV and it’s the polished tunes and energetic live show that make that possible.

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