Roasted Pork and Porcini Risotto

Photo: Nathan Hamler

The Sub-Culture Group keeps churning out fabulous, unique restaurants in south Florida and Hullaballo joins the family.  The place is already receiving rave reviews and they are just getting warmed up. What’s the big fuss and commotion about?  For starters, this Italian Gastropub is serving up some outstanding fare, including this roasted pork and porcini risotto. This version includes a porcini mash, roasted garlic, parsley puree, and fire charred brussel sprouts.  Pair this entrée’ with the Jeff Buckley; George Dickel No. 12, Rothman and Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur, Apricot de Roussillon, toasted pecan bitters and a splash of water.

The Hullabaloo menu is concise and easy to navigate but filled with unique bites, pastas, pizzas, and “farm” items like the slow roasted all natural chicken and a creamy herb polenta dish with fire roasted mushrooms called “Grilled Terus Major”.   It’s this kind of creativity that makes Hullabaloo, well……..a hullabaloo!

Pay them a visit at 517 N Clematis St in West Palm Beach.

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