Revel in Revelry

By Darien Davies

For those of you who want to go out, but don’t want to deal with a large bar, rushed bartenders, and uncomfortable seating, you’re in luck. Revelry is Lake Worth’s primo beer and wine spot and offers a great space to kick back and enjoy the good life with some High Life.

To hang out at Revelry feels like you’re hanging out in someone’s basement bar area or a cozy living room. Both the space and the staff are inviting, so be prepared to get conveniently sucked in and never want to leave. And, the good news is: you’ll never have to. They have more beer and wine than one person could ever drink, as well as a menu of small bites that perfectly complement the libations.

Owners Zena Tarantino and Brando Garcia-Rovai

The main difference between Revelry and other bars in the area is that you’re encouraged to pick your poison. There are multiple coolers stocked with bottles of beer and wine, as well as some taps at the bar with beers from across the nation. This makes the possibilities endless when it comes to finding your new favorite beer, so ready your gullet.

They have Shandys, IPAs, Lagers and English Bitters, as well as Brown Ales, Stouts, Fruit Beers and Cream Ales. But let’s not forget about the Saisons, Hefeweizens, Sours and Pilsners. Oh, and the Wild Ales, Kolschs, Pale Wheat Ales and Witbiers. You could essentially drive your own beer bus and tour every available option, one pint at a time.

If you’re feeling more like grapes and less like hops, fear not my thirsty traveler. They also have an impressive wine lineup, which includes more options than many other local bars. Enjoy the White Haven Sauvignon Blanc, Dancing Bull Merlot, J Vineyard Pinot Noir or the Storypoint Cabernet Sauvignon, and feel fancy while sitting in your vintage parlor chair.

If you’re feeling peckish, take a stab at their menu, which is perfect for a couple or a group. There’s probably a good chance that you’ll even make some new best friends while at Revelry, and what better uniter than beer and food. Order the Pretzel Pieces served with House Made Beer Cheese & Spicy Mustard ($9), the Swine & Bovine with Sliced Pepperoni, Sopressata, Genoa Salami and an assortment of cheeses, fruit, sliced toast, crackers and olives ($18), or the Bread Pudding, Puddin, which is housemade and ever-changing (MP).

So come one, come all, and come often. Revelry is the closest you’ll get to staying home but going out, so it’s the perfect compromise for everyone. Grab a drink, slay your partner in Connect 4, and cheers to beers.

17 South J Street, Lake Worth, FL 



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