Red Bull Switchboard at FAU

Photos: Leon Legot

FAU students gathered at Ski Rixen last weekend for a two part skate and wake competition called Red Bull Switchboard.

Riders first competed in a jam format skate competition on a miniature half pipe constructed by InstaRamp, a portable half pipe company from Jacksonville.  Skill ranged from beginner to advanced skaters and though it was a competition, riders were extremely supportive of each other, providing pointers to the beginners and getting psyched for other riders’ good performances.

The second part of the competition was wakeboarding on the Ski Rixen cables. Riders were scored on the better of 2 runs. Most riders were on the more advanced side of things in wake. Overall it made for a great time. Riders were showing their best tricks and again were showing their support when their fellow competitors threw something big.

Overall it was a great event with FAU’s best getting a chance to showcase their talent. It was a unique experience for the students and really showed their love of riding. Riders and spectators alike were stoked on the competition. Hopefully we will see Red Bull Switchboard again in the future.


Overall- Craig Hering

Skate- Elias Miles

Wake- Daniel Martindale


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